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First Words

Hello everybody. I guess you are lucky to find us here. From the worldwide.

You will have some great times spending to our website.  Producing no more than interesting clickbait titles that makes you want to spend more in our website. :)

You can say me as Jackson Chandra. from Indonesia.
I am one of the writer of this blog.
This thing actually have been estabilished since 2010.

But now We are making a reboot for this.

Now we called this, MICHAELANGELO!


You true.

Q: What's that about?
A: It's about perception of our life. How we can do our daily things everyday without even knowing what's the hidden secret behind that, now I will tell you them all on this website.

Q: So, it's quite interesting, but I have been found similar like your concept, what makes yours interesting more than other rival?
A: The first thing I can say from your words is... We don't see others as rival. We are The Creators. We not supposted to compete each other. We shall not use our animal instict to get what we want. It only appears when people can't reach their higher consciousness.
We just a little bit different than others. I will not tell this so early right now. You shall observe and see it by yourself. :)

End for Introduction. XD

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