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Thoughts are Things; Well enough said, but...

Guess one of you know the greatest law on our universe: Law of Attraction. It's a law that everything that had happenned on our past, or whatever thing that we will get from the future, actually happened/will be happen because of our dominant state of thought. We attracted them to us. Example: When you focus more on fear about future financial health, you will attract more circumstances that brings you more fear and fear about your financial health. Vice versa.

It's not wrong if thought equals things. But haven't you try to manifest using LOA (Now just simplify it into LOA), try, try again, doing same thing again, and seems like stupid and it doesn't work?

Well, yes, the truth is: Thoughts are things. But...

The most role player of your manifestation process is not your thoughts,


Yeah! Feelings are more powerful than your thoughts. Because, thoughts oftenly created after we had some feelings about something out there.

When you try to think more about your dream house, dream wife, dream husband/man, etc. etc. If you still can't feel it already in your feeling or hands, whenether physically or emotionally, you will result nothing than air-filled bread you eat daily.

I don't understand why nowdays people repressed feelings so freaking aggressive. Our educational systems needs to be change.  Our origin are in emotional state, rather than instintual state. The greatest thing to manifest something is with your feelings. People really gifted if he/she can feel the great range of feelings, whenether it is the depth or the range of emotional feelings. Like from fear, despair, resentment, guilt, shame, to pure sincere love, gratitude, passion, joy, happiness. These people are rare to find in the earth.

So why people can fight each other, see world as freaking world no far away than scarity.

Even you see pile of junk next to your neighbour's house, you throw your sight from it. NO, IT IS NOT SCARITY, It is abundance.

So it looks like this:
1. People want to write a book. (Thought)
2. He has some hands to write (Physical). If false, he can't write.
3. He had some mood to do the writing courses (Emotional/Feelings).
4. He take action for that (Mental)
5. He really love his hobby. (Higher Emotional/Passion)
6. He express fully in his hobby.
7. He sees himself as an amazing writer cause he had been doing 1-6 steps for about 100000x (for example).

Emotions are more dense and more heavy in mass than thought. Thought feels like thin air flying around from each other. Emotions concretes thoughts even faster.

Everybody can think, but no sure if everybody can have same depth of how they can feel something at the certain time/place.

There are several number of things that really role how fast you can see your dreams before your eyes:
1. How much emotional things that involved in your manifestation process.
2. How great you spend your time only for do your manifestation process.
3. How sincere and focus you spend all of your time for do your manifestation process.
4. How often you priotize feelings as your "driver" on your body to manifest.
5. How many inspired actions that have you been taking during your intention to manifest your dreams.

That's it . That is the concept.

More update coming soon :)

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