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It can potentially what you have been focusing all of the time, can be generated and focused by another near people around you. Thoughts can flying around. And attach to somebody's mental body. And it generates thought in our mind.

Maybe you have found some coincidences, like you had thought about certain things and a friend or co-worker besides you, even they were never or rarely make contact with you, started to have or talk about your thoughts or whatever you have been focusing on.

Maybe telepathy sounds illusion, there's no telepathy. Actually the truth thoughts can be jumping around from A to B and C, and back to A/B. But, if we still wanted to label it "Telepathy", up to yours.

Our thoughts and body will resonance with everything around us. And we attract similar place, friends, co-workers, teachers, to our life.

When thoughts are really concetrated with very heavy intention and focus. It will more solid, call them thought forms.

I have been heard about sciencific evidence that our thoughts and mental belief can even alter or change our PHYSICAL body.

Maybe you see some 20 y/o guy still looks like child from his body/appearent That's a representation of his thought forms (the strong one), that were very very attached and solidfy in his aura.

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