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Life = Patterns

You can see  clearly everything around us. That life is only a pattern.

Our universe consist of these big pictures:

1. Good and bad
2. Yin and Yang
3. Man and Woman
4. Inside and Outside
5. As Above so Below
6. Day and Night
7. Yes and No
8. Master and Slave
9. Winner and Loser
10. Positive and Negative
11. Past and Future
12. True or False

We even dont aware of these, but we still habitually seeing everything around us as specific as possible. It is like you only see each tree from the huge forest. But actually the first thing we shall do is see the big picture.

So that is it, because of that, people act as racist, they yell others but they were not realise that we are ONE. We are from same origin, from God, from ancestors, etc.

The educational part of our society had failed to take attention about this. We much focused to ourself, seeing everything as separation one of the truth that must always be remember by us is that we are unity, there is no separation, energy is everything, we made from same substance: ENERGY.

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